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Saturday, August 24, 2013

English Spelling: Does It Make Sense?

Many of you have problems spelling English words. This often prevents you from reading or writing as well as you would like to.

Don't get discouraged!  Even though  English spelling often doesn't make seem to make sense, if you dig a little deeper, there  are often very good reasons that explain  the way many English words are spelled. 

Watch this great  video called Making Sense of English Spelling   from TED ED to learn more about  English spelling. It might help you understand it a little better. It might even make you want to learn more about  prefixes , suffixes, roots and even the history of English word.

Go to Making Sense of English Spelling  and click on "THINK "to check your listening comprehension and how well you understood this video. Click on 'DIG DEEPER"  for some links to other resources on the web about English spelling.

For even more resources and practice with English spelling, go to my Editing and Error Correction  Page  and scroll down to the the SPELLING section.