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This is a Canadian ESL blog for Intermediate and Advanced Students who want to learn and improve their English. Each PAGE above contains thousands of free English lessons, tutorials and practice exercises to help you learn and improve your English grammar, reading, listening, pronunciation, speaking, writing and editing. Some of the resources are Canadian. Others are from around the world.

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Welcome to the speaking and pronunciation page.   I am just beginning to develop this page, so be patient with me.  During the next few months I will be adding tutorials on pronunciation and accent reduction, communication strategies, conversational expressions and phrases as well as vocabulary. I hope some of this information is useful in your effort to improve your speaking and communication skills.

A recorder that allows you to practice speaking and listening to yourself. 

Practice Retelling the Story from Your Video  
( You need a microphone to use this program. Follow the instructions below)


  • Click on "your name" to write... your name 
  • If you are one of my students, always write your class first. 
  • Click on "Authorize" to allow "clear.msu.edu" to record your voice for the Dropbox. 
  • Click on the "record" RED button : speak, and when you've finished you click on the "stop" button.
  • If you wish to check your recording, you can click on "play" and listen. 
  • Then you can : either delete your recording to try again and improve yourself... or "save" it, by validating the green check.

Practice Your English Speaking  with English Central 

Watch the video below to see how it works. Then  try one or two practices of your own.   

The  Art of Conversation
( Useful Videos to Help You Improve Your Speaking) 

Practice Speaking Online ( English Test Store) 

Focus English: Conversational English

Conversation Starters

Small Talk: 

Conversation Strategies: 
Conversational Expressions for Different Situations 

Speaking on the Telephone  

English Speaking at Work  NEW
This series of videos from Let's Talk English Podcast focuses on conversational language and idiomatic expressions to use for common work situations 

English for Professionals:  


How to Speak at Job Interviews

Controlled Speaking Activities

Speaking in the Real World: Practical Conversations
 Each of the following topics include dialogues on different aspects of the topic, along with specific vocabulary that goes with it. Each page includes a recording and a text. Practice listening and repeating the dialogues as often as you like).  Practicing the dialogues with "natural intonation is a useful way to help yourself  sound more natural and fluent and to use the appropriate vocabulary in real world conversations)    


Websites with 100s of  dialogues to help you practice Natural  Conversational English  

  • What's the Correct Response?  SOURCE: English Daily.com   ( 117 different exercises) 
  • ( Dialogues of natural conversations in which you have to fill in the correct & natural idiomatic response to comments in he dialogue)
  • English Conversation SOURCE: English Daily.com                                                                      (200-300 dialogues of natural conversations using natural conversational and idiomatic expressions in  context. Includes explanations)     
  •  Conversation practice about 200 topics SOURCE: English Conversation. Com                     Videos that include complete dialogues on a variety of topics from raising money to traffic accidents

Everyday English Conversation:

Dialogues that focus on:

Grammar Talk: 
 Conversations Focusing on Grammar Points
This is a blog site with conversation practices that focus on the grammar of English. The conversations are what people might really say in each situation. However, the grammar is stressed. 
A good way to use Grammar Talk is to practice the conversations, and notice the grammar in the questions and answers. This site is a good place to practice both conversation and grammar at the same time.  

Dialogue Workout: Click on the link to a Dialogue Workout. Each page has a recorder and a text. Click on the right facing arrow to hear the recording. Listen and repeat the lines of dialogue you hear. After listening and practicing a couple of times, try performing the conversation with a partner.

Giving a Speech


Example IELTS interviews 
 PET Speaking Test Practice 

Practice English: Speak to Real People on the Internet

  • A1vs.A1 Two chatbots talking to each other 
" What happens when you let two bots have a conversation? We never expected this..." (You Tube)



  1. Here's a new speaking/conversation resource designed by another Vancouver teacher: The first ever interactive, "multi-touch" textbook, a resource designed to maximize oral output in the classroom, has just been published for iPad. This new classroom resource is called Catalyst: A Conversation Taskbook for English Language Learners and you can find out more by visiting http://www.speekeezy.ca/ or you can just download the free sample on iTunes here:https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/catalyst-esl-taskbook/id564638682?mt=11. Catalyst is also available in traditional paper.

  2. Englishcentral.com is wonderful. Thank you, Michelle. I wish I could improve my speaking through it.

  3. Tony,
    I'm sure you can improve it a lot if you practice every day. By the way, I haven't forgotten my marking symbols. I've been away on holiday for a week and am returning tomorrow.


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