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Barriers to Effective Communication 
Listening for Specifics ( basic) 

Improving Listening Skills  
   If you want to improve your listening, you must listen to English as much and as often as you can.   You need to surround yourself with the MUSIC of the English language.

You need to do this without subtitles or captions or reading, just to get the feel of the English language.  If you start right away with scripts and subtitles, you won't  your listening skills, only  your reading skills.

It takes effort to improve something that is difficult. If you don't make the effort, you will not improve. 

Use subtitles, and scripts AFTER you start getting used to the "sound and rhythm" of English and begin to understand some of what you are listening to.  
At this point, English captions and scripts can help you build your vocabulary and other

How to Practice Listening with Recorded Materials

General Tips: 
  • Remember, you are NOT A COMPUTER. You DO NOT NEED TO UNDERSTAND or REMEMBER every single word you hear in order to have a general understanding of what you are listening. Even native speakers do not hear or remember every word. They are focusing on the main content, not every tiny detail. 
  • It is  better to understand 20% of the key words and content words than to try and catch many unimportant words. You will increase the percentage of content words that you understand if you accept that you will not, cannot, and do not need to  understand everything and continue to practice focusing on what you DO understand, rather than on getting upset, and trying to remember what you DIDN'T understand or hear.
  • Don't translate words and sentences into your own language as you listen.  When you translate, you are always five or six sentences behind what is being said in the conversation. As a result, you completely lose the "gist" or the context of the conversation itself.

  • First, listen to the story, or episode several times without subtitles, reading the script or even quiz,or comprehension questions. This will help you to let your ear get accustomed to the rhythm of English, and also help you to get a general idea of the story on your own. 
  • Sometimes, it is a good idea to close your eyes when you listen for the first time. This can help you focus on the sounds and words you are listening to instead of becoming distracted by other things around you.  Do this with both video, and audio. It is particularly helpful with news stories. 
  • In your first listening, listen for the big picture: main ideas, content words that will give you important details you need to understand the story. 
  • You do not need to understand every word to understand the story, so do not even try to listen to every word. 
  • Listen to the word and sentence stress of the speaker or speakers. That will help you understand content words.
  • Listen to the intonation of the speakers. Do they sound, excited, surprised, angry, certain, uncertain, upset?
  • As you listen focus on the context. Try to answer some of the following questions in your mind: 
    • Where is the conversation taking place ( in a shop, at work, at school, on the street, in an airport, at home, etc? 
    • What is the relationship between the speakers? ( Are they friends, colleagues, family members, customer and clerk etc.
    • When is this conversation taking place ( during an event, before something., after something, in the morning, at lunch, on a date   
    • What is this conversation about generally?
  • When  you have a general idea of what the story, or video is about, try to answer comprehension  questions, or to read the script along with the story.
  • DO NOT STOP and START the recording or video every few sentences in order  to try and completely understand what the people are saying. Conversations are not dictations. You do not need to take word by word notes, nor do you need to understand every single word someone says. You will NEVER have this opportunity in the real word, or even on a listening test. 
  • Teach yourself good habits immediately. Make sure you that listen to enough of the conversation or lecture to get some kind of context, big picture of what it is all about.
  • If the conversation or lecture is short. Listen to the whole thing all the way through before stopping it and playing it again. After you have listened to the whole thing, then you can listen to it in "chunks", but again, the chunks should be at least a minute long. 
 Stopping and Starting the audio:
  • Later, when you have done the main listening work and activities, you may want to concentrate on vocabulary, specific expressions, or even pronunciation. 
  • At this point, go ahead and stop and start the player as often as you want in order to focus on specific language.Write new words and expressions that you hear. 
  • At this point, you may also want to turn on the captions or read along with the script, if the script is provided. At this point, you will have made a real effort,. and the script or captions will help you to check your understanding, as well as to help you improve your ability to understand 


    expressing opinions, agreement, disagreement, refusing, delaying tactics etc, 

    From the BBC a  70 part series of programmes set in an office, full of top tips to help you learn some useful communication  skills and  business language  you can use in the workplace. 

    Every Day English in Conversation
     (very natural sounding  dialogues about every day topics)  

    Every Day English in Conversation  (Focus English) Includes complete dialogue



    This page has specific test-based listening tips and strategies from the best known international English listening tests.  BUT,  if you really want to improve your listening, make sure you watch and listen to a much wider range of listening materials.  

    If you plan to work, go to school or justg live in an English- speaking country, remember - REAL listening involves much more than choosing a, b, c, or d in a multiple choice test, or filling in the blanks on a form.  You have to UNDERSTAND and more importantly RESPOND APPROPRIATELY to what you are listening to.  This is called communication. 

    TOEFL Listening Practice 

    Complete Tests

    TOEIC Listening Practice

    YOU TUBE Complete TOEIC Test Practice 

    Longman TOEIC Practice 
    I don't think this is the "real LONGMAN" DESPITE the photo of the book. The contents and questions are realistic, but the voices are "stilted" and not natural.   Still useful, but the REAL test will be more DIFFICULT.    

    IELTS Listening Practice 

    IELTS Practice from the British Council for Professionals
    British Council  U.K. Main Site NEW

    Road to IELTS   NEW
    interactive online practice with all skills. Includes  e book, online tutorials and advice, practice tests,feedback on type of errors, progress reports  

    IELTS Listening Preparation: Source British Council China
      These practices do not exactly follow the IELTS formula, but they are still good listening practices.You can listen at three different speeds: slow, medium and fast
      IELTS Listening Practice from YOU TUBE (new) 

      IELTS Listening Practice with tutorial and subtitles 
      IELTS Listening Practice Tutorial ( Listening to a Talk:vocab + explanations and  answers)  James from Crown Academy

      IELTS Listening Practice Activities NEW
      Lifestyles ( Fill in Missing Information) source ESL4Free
      Tea Myths 
      Medical Net
      Unreliable Web
      Keyring Drive
      The Value of MMS ( Messaging Service)
      What's in a Name 
      Being Single
      Japan's Population
      Bullying Bosses 

      The NEW IELTS Listening  Test Practice ( You Tube)  NEW

        Practice Paraphrasing: Same Meaning Sentences 

        First English Certificate Listening Practice NEW
        Thematic units with three kinds of practice in each activity: listening for (gist) - getting the big picture, listening for details and listening for inference.  
        FCE Listening Practice Activities  ( British Accent)



        Sound Grammar.com
        e An excellent way to practice listening to specific grammar points used in a real context text through audio and video based grammar lessons with sample conversations with audio, video tutorial and interactive quiz .

        Listening to Conversations: 

        Intermediate Listening Practice
        The Beautiful Game (1)  dialogue (British accent) gap fill Source: Sounds English
        The Beautiful Game(2) English Accent  Source: Sounds English

          Randall's Cyber Listening Lab 
          Randall's Cyber  Listening Lab ( esl-lab.com)

          This was the first listening lab on the internet that was specifically developed for ESL students. It is still one of my favourite listening practice sites for students because although  the English is a little slowed down, the conversations represent "real" conversations you would have in every day life. They are NOT just test preparation dialogues - which frequently only deal with "academic conversations" rather than normal conversations between all kinds of people.

          The site includes hundreds of everyday conversations graded easy, medium and difficult. It also includes at Academic listening practice, vocabulary based listening, daily tips listening and  even "real" conversation

          The content is strictly audio. That means you listen without pictures. You can improve  
          Improve your listening skills through practice and self grading quizzes that focus on on "normal" conversation topics in many situations. 

          The quizzes include pre-listening questions, listening questions, vocabulary explanation and post listening questions as well as transcripts 

          Daily life topics:  


          ELLLO ( English Listening Lesson Library  Online) 

          These are intermediate and advanced level listening activities that include real conversations with native  speakers about a wide variety of topics.  The speakers use idiomatic language. You can listen and take a quiz. Then listen and read along with the quiz.


          Medical Dialogues  Medical DialoguesClick on one of the topics. Then click See full cartoon. Click the round arrow on the right and wait for the sound file to load. Excellent site and no password needed.
          Admitting a Patient to hospital - Establishing Relationships

          Mini Lecture and Note-taking Practice from ESL-Lab.com
          Take notes as you listen to the short lecture. ( Watch the first one for an example). Then, go to the website link indicated and answer the comprehension questions.  Do not look at the comprehension questions first.

          Mainly short interesting news stories read at a medium speed. Includes comprehension questions.
          A series of podcasts aimed at ESL students. They come from a number of different sources and cover a wide range of topics including the most recent current events, and pop culture stories. Some podcasts are short talks. Others involve conversations, dialogues or interviews. You can listen to the podcasts at a slow, medium or fast speed. Each podcast includes a script that you can read as you listen, or  read later. 


          (These are not always as difficult as you think. Many ofd them are quite easy to understand because of the topic , th context and the length of the program)



          Videos of "Classic" Short Stories  for Advanced ESL  

          Graded Readers 




          contents include: listening strategies, audio version, video version, comprehension activities 

          American Rhetoric 100 Top Speeches (New)

          Martin Luther King - I Have a Dream
          Transcript I Have a Dream
          Johnv F Kednnedy Ich Bein Berliner

          ESL Listening Practice  

          Interview about higher education

          MOVIE CLIPS 
          All movie clips have listening comprehension activities


          Listening to Commercials: Find the Mistakes 


          Sound Grammar.com
          e An excellent way to practice listening to specific grammar points used in a real context text through audio and video based grammar lessons with sample conversations with audio, video tutorial and interactive quiz .


          Listening for Grammar 
          Movie Segments to Assess Grammar Goals  (NEW) 

          This huge site contains a series of movie segments and activities to assess or practice grammar points through fun, challenging exercises. Although the site is aimed at teachers, students can also learn a lot from movie segments, the lesson plans, printable worksheets with answer key for each activity, and the tips to develop your own grammar activities with the DVDs you have at home. 

          Movie Segments with Grammar Lessons: ( main site) 

          SIMPLE PAST 

           Simple Past vs Present Perfect 

            TED TALKS 

             Ken Robinson: Schools Kill Creativity If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” (Ken Robinson)  Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.

            SHORT VIDEOS ABOUT "ISSUES"  (New)

            CANADIAN HISTORY ( New)   
             Today in Canadian History Podcasts

            Short Videos about Canadian History(New)

            Armchair Traveler: Get To Know Canada  

            ESL PODCASTS

            A podcast is an audio file ( ( there is no video - listening only) that you download from the Internet. After you download it, you can listen to it on your computer or on an MP3/portable music player (for example, an iPod, an iPhone or iRiver).

            You can subscribe to a podcast so that it is delivered to you automatically each day, just like a newspaper.

             Podcasts with Conversational English 
             This is a very popular free podcast site with more than 865 podcasts. It was Podcast is designed especially for people who are intermediate or advanced speakers of English, but want to improve their listening and speaking skills. It is a good way to listen to real native speakers talking as they do every day in English.

            Although all the podcasts are free, you can get a more detailed study guide by subscribing to the sitre for a fee. .

            An English Conversation podcast series in which Lori from the U.S. and Michael from Britain talk about a wide range of entertaining topics including: how to use specific idioms, weird food, what leads to success, perfectionism, junk food, noisy neighbours and many other topics. 

            A great ESL podcast with a free study guide. A great site for Intermediate to Advanced ESL students. Two brothers from Canada,. buty who live in China discuss all sorts of interesting topics on their ESL Podcast. (60 different topics) Perfect for classroom discussion as well.

            learn-english-elementary-podcasts-2.jpgElementary Podcasts                   Source: the British Council               

            This is a weekly podcast. The episodes’ content is very interesting, and its elementary level British English is easy to understand even for the beginners.

             Episodes feature dialogues about every day situations The basic focus is to improve conversational English.

            Each episode is accompanied with a free transcript or a complete record of the lesson. You can also download and print out the additional exercises. You can download the mp3 file with any lesson, starting with the very first one.

            You can subscribe to the podcast at iTunes or through RSS.  The interactive exercises on a podcast theme with sample answers are also available online.

            SOURCE: the  British Council   

            Over  200 free podcasts in clear, easy to understand British Engish.  Most of the podcasts consists of mini talks on a variety of topics rather than on natural conversations between two people. The topics will help you to improve your English vocabulary and pronunciation and your listening skills. They are quite short (5 or 6 minutes) and delivered in clearly spoken English. Many of them are linked to grammar and vocabulary notes, or to exercises or quizes.

            Recent Podcasts  
            Midlife Crisis

            ESL PODCARDS.COM: A series of FREE English podcasts from and about different countries specifically designed to help English learners improve their listening skills . Each podcast includes a worksheet with questions and a complete transcript.   

            CANADA: 4 Podcasts about Canada ( Niagara Falls, Welland, James Naismith and Churchill)  

            Worksheets to accompany the podcasts: 

            THE UNITED STATES:

            PODCASTS: 10 Podcasts about the United States ( places, people, events)


            This site provides news stories and accompanying activities specifically targeted at ESL learners.
            What to check out first:

            The main page  has it all! Check out the top of the page, under the current date, for the latest stories, or search for a specific topic a bit further down, in the box provided.

            Most Recent Podcasts: 

             December 29th, 2012        1,634 FREE News Lessons
            http://www.flickr.com/photos/qiaomeng/2517691736/ UAE gas station strips & fires worker over $2 tip
            29th December - "Harder"
            A gas station in Dubai has fired one of its workers for accepting a $2.72 tip. A UAE newspaper reports on the strip searching and sacking of...
            http://www.flickr.com/photos/broughturner/2592282673/ China opens world's longest high-speed railway
            27th December - "Easier"
            The longest railway line in the world opened on Wednesday. The line joins China's capital Beijing with the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou. The line is ...
            Other Podcasts

            CBC Edmonton Podcasts  

            ESL American Pronunciation Podcast( C0mplete website - go to pronounciation page)

            30 New ESL Podcasts from Many T

            Wired for Books  Ohio University 's online audio includes interviews with famous 20th century authors and audio (on RealPlayer) of some of the most important classics such as Alice in Wonderland and A Christmas Carol. You will find hours of listening pleasure at this link. Scroll down for the classics.



            EMPLOYMENT and JOB  RELATED 

            An American site with videos and details on job profiles, salaries, expectatons, requirements etc .

            Video descriptions of 56 different types of jobs, what they involve , day in the life, job prospects, qualifications needed, salary range etc. 

            Descriptions and definitions of the major skills required by Canadian employers and which are required for different types of jobs.

            The B.C government page on all aspects of working in B.C.. It is worth exploring the site in detail since there a lot of useful information and resources: 
            job forecasts 
            • Job trend tracker by centre
            • matching careers with skills 
            • job finding tools
            • career profiles 
            • upgrading skills 
            • information 
            • skills assessment
            • workplace resources    and more

            Huge website with a variety of assessment tests on specific job related skills

            Job Interviews:

            A You Tube  with a assembled a large collection of informational job videos. Our Job Interview playlist contains interviews of former employees from various companies such as department stores, restaurants, and retail outlets. In each video, the subject describes the job conditions, and duties, what its like working there, and how to succeed at the job interview.

            Advice from a Canadian aimed at high performing Canadian immigrants '

            ESL Job interview Don'ts 
            Job Interview Dos and Dont's
            ESL Job Interview Tips 
            Job Interview Tips from English Vid 
            Job Interview Sample

            Videos Describing Jobs You Tube Channels 
            Videos Describing Specific Job
            Famous People
            • Famous People who Talk About their Dreams and Achievements A very rich (downloadable audio and video resources) database of famous people’s testimonies. From Bill Gates, to Maya Angelou. The interviews are split up so it’s easier to find what you are looking for. Theme: dreams/childhood/success
            Food and Obesity

            HEALTH  NEW 



            (SOURCE for all videos and quizzes: linguaspectrum.com) 


            EXTREME WEATHER:

            NEWS QUIZZES

            Michelle Morissette's News Quizzes  (More difficult)


              This is a series of listening lessons in which English teacher Phil teaches 5 new words, and reads a funny passage about an interesting topic. Then he reads the passage again, but this time YOU can see the words and read along with Phil. Finally, Phil asks several questions at the end of the reading. He then provides answers.  


              Beginner/Elementary Listening 

              Listening for FUN   

              Stories on Video: 

              National Film Board Animation Stories  


              The Power of the Cartoonist
              "Visual imagery is very powerful. Cartoons can be very effective.
              We are trying to make people think - using humour to deliver a message."

               TV CARTOONS  New
              Watch some of the greatest cartoons ever made - Popeye, Betty Boop, Mighty Mouse, Gabby, Casper, Little Lulu, Felix, Superman, Baby Huey, Barney Bear, rare cult classics, and much, much more! Broadband ready, encoded in Real8.

              Current TV Cartoon Shows

              Read this before you check out shows

              Before you start watching a television show regularly, it is a good idea to learn about what the show is generally about, who the main characters are, what they do and how they relate to each other. If you already have some background, you can focus on what is happening on the screen instead of trying to figure out what the whole show is all about. 

              "Looking for classic episodes of Family Guy or the newest episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force? These web sites allow fans to watch The Simpsons, Family Guy and more.
              Some sites give you only a few minutes of video. Other web sites let you watch full episodes. Most importantly, all of the web sites here are legal."

              RADIO SOAP OPERAS

              Big City Small World  

              In this audio soap set in London a group of young people from around the world share their lives over a cup of coffee.

              Halloween Ghost Stories

              Bloody Mary

              Read the general listening instructions before you begin listening, or answering questions.
              Comprehension Questions and Script Bloody Mary

              Alfred Hitchcock Presents Ghost Stories for Young People 

              Ghost in the Alley  
              I am Coming Down Now


              Christmas  Listening Material -
              Video Stories for the whole Family

               Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer


              How the Grinch Stole Christmas

              How The Grinch Stole Christmas

              Basil | Myspace Video

              A Charlie Brown Christmas 
              The Snowman 
               12. Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer  Burl Ives
              The Gift of the Magi  

              Christmas Quizzes 


              TAKE THE TIME

              Learning a language takes a large amount of time. According to the Council of Europe, it takes a European adult learning another European language about 550 hours of study to reach the Threshold Level – that is the level at which, without being totally fluent, you can manage to understand and make yourself understood in everyday situations. If you do not already speak a European language, learning English will take much longer. In seven years at secondary school, pupils usually have about 900 hours of instruction in their first foreign language – excluding homework ! These figures are not given to discourage you, but to help you set yourself a reasonable objective. If you intend to study in an English-speaking country you will need to be much better than the Threshold Level. On the other hand, if you only need to read and write routine e-mails related to your job, you may attain your objective in much less than 550 hours. Generally, it is not efficient to spread language learning over too long a period. Set yourself a time limit – 3 years maximum !


              It has been proved to be more efficient to work a little every day rather than a lot once a week. It is important to have daily contact with the language of at least ten minutes. Decide on a specific time each day to work on your English. Write it in your diary/date book or wherever you note your appointments. Draw up a detailed work programme in terms of concrete, limited objectives. Examples :
              • read and understand an article
              • learn to sing a song
              • write 10 questions with « do » and « does »
              This means defining your objectives in terms of « know how » rather than in terms of pages read or chapters studied in a grammar book. Evaluate your progress regularly and adapt your programme as needed. You may find it useful to find a graphic way of representing your progress and also the time spent learning English. Take a few minutes each evening, just before going to sleep, to reflect on the English you’ve learnt during the day. This way you will integrate during your sleep what you have been working on during the day. If you find you are no longer keeping to your programme and working regularly, find someone to help you reactivate your enthusiasm for English.


              If your objective is to master the oral language, your will need to have practice in speaking. Find someone else who is also learning English in your neighbourhood, your company or your university. Meet at least once a week to speak in English, do exercises together and above all to encourage each other to continue!


              This is easy, of course, if you are already in an English-speaking country. Elsewhere, it will take some organisation, but in most big towns it is possible to find English speakers. This does not necessarily mean native English speakers: Indians, Ghanaians, Germans, Scandinavians… often speak excellent English. People working or studying in a foreign country can be lonely and therefore happy to have contact with local people in exchange for speaking English. Tourists also often welcome opportunities to meet and talk to local people. Think of ways in which you could find English speaking workers, students or tourists :
              • put an ad in a newspaper or shop
              • go to an embassy or a consulate
              • try a tourist information centre
              • use a university bulletin board


              A visit to a country where the people speak English can be very profitable, but it has to be well-organised or you may easily find yourself saying little more than, « Black coffee and a cheese sandwich, please » in English. One possibility is an organised trip of some kind :
              • visit the Lake District in England,
              • explore the Great Lakes in Canada
              • go on a wildlife safari in Kenya.
              But choose a trip organised by a travel agent in the country itself so that you will be in a gro

              Partial Dictations from  Movie Trailers  ( includes first and last letters of words)

              Australian Network ( Learning English)up of local people. This is quite easy to do through the Internet these days.


              1. You have a wonderful website for ESL learners. I'm an ESL teacher at City College of San Francisco.
                On the right side of your page, under "Useful Sites for Practicing" , "Pronunciation, the Sounds of English", I'm getting a 404 error. I have a suggestion, though. I have two websites for pronunciation. They are: http://englishvowels.blogspot.com and
                These have various listening exercises and blank fill for the vocabulary, grouped under specific sounds.

                1. Dear John,
                  Thank you for the compliment about my website. I would like to return it in kind. YOU have a terrific set of websites. You have obviously been working on them for a long time. They are creative, interesting, informative, and useful. I love the "art" theme. How ever did you find the time to do all that work? I will definitely let my students know about them. Would it be OK if I listed them in my various links categories as well as on specific reading, listening, grammar pages?
                  I already had links to both of your pronunciation websites listed on the PRONUNCIATION PAGES at the top of the website, but I have now also added them to the Pronunciation Links on the side. The PAGES at the top of the website include very specific activities and exercises in addition to general websites.
                  Thanks for the heads up about Sounds of English in the Useful Sites for Practicing links. It was the very first set of links I put up when I started this website in February 2010. I have since added all of the links in that category to more specific categories of links.
                  How did you come across my site? I am not really that visible on the internet since I have no idea how to promote the blog. A lot of the traffic has been hit and miss and through word of mouth.
                  I'm still very new to this, and have not figured out how to get my own audio onto the website. I know how to link to other sites' audio as well as how to embed videos, but I have no idea how to get recordings of my own voice on the site.
                  Again, thank you for commenting on the site and letting me know about the problems as well as about your websites.

              2. Thanks for the link to our blog

                1. You're welcome. I think it is very helpful for immigrants and all my students are immigrants.

                  Michelle Morissette

              3. thanks for providing this information really it is helpful

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              4. Thank you for the information.
                Listening is very important. It is an effortless way for increasing vocabulary. Keep your attention on the new vocabulary words you come across. Learning how to use a word or which context it can be used in is an important aspect in building vocabulary. A word cannot be retained in mind without getting knowledge of the background in which it can be used.
                https://vocabmonk.com helps to understand the word and the aspect in which the word is used.

                1. Vocab Monk, Please stop sending spam to this site!. It will always be removed!

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              12. Bloggers who don’t have time or don’t like to read may prefer to listen to audio content or watch videos. BeyondPod allows you to subscribe, download, listen to audio podcasts and watch video podcasts on-the-go. This app is extremely useful for bloggers who are driving a lot because for them, there is very little reading time

              13. Bloggers who don’t have time or don’t like to read may prefer to listen to audio content or watch videos. BeyondPod allows you to subscribe, download, listen to audio podcasts and watch video podcasts on-the-go. This app is extremely useful for bloggers who are driving a lot because for them, there is very little reading time

              14. Bloggers who don’t have time or don’t like to read may prefer to listen to audio content or watch videos. BeyondPod allows you to subscribe, download, listen to audio podcasts and watch video podcasts on-the-go. This app is extremely useful for bloggers who are driving a lot because for them, there is very little reading time.

              15. Bloggers who don’t have time or don’t like to read may prefer to listen to audio content or watch videos. BeyondPod allows you to subscribe, download, listen to audio podcasts and watch video podcasts on-the-go. This app is extremely useful for bloggers who are driving a lot because for them, there is very little reading time

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