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Friday, January 21, 2011

HomeworK for the Weekend

Hi guys,

I'm still working on this blog, I am "getting the hang of it" improving my abililty to do it .
In case you have forgotten your homework, I will list it again and add one or two things.

Do  all the handouts I gave you. They all relate to the verb "to be", WH questions and possessive adjectives, pronouns and nouns.

1)   Basic skills Reading:: Do three more pages of thinking skills at the back of the book.
                                      Read the story on page 35-36(Try to break it up into phrases. 
                                      Do exercises 2,3,4 from the 100 word section.pages 82-85

 2.  Reread the story on Terry Fox out loud using the method of grouping words in phrases that I taught you.
      Answer the questions.
      Special Note: The city of Vancouver is planning to put up a memorial series of statues to Terry Fox

      in several cities, including in front of the B.C. Pavillion. The memorial includes 4 statues of Terry running.
      To see what it will look like, go to 

          Terry Fox is one of Canada's heroes and there are very people in this country who have not been
           inspired by his courage and his willingness to suffer constant pain as he pursued his dream.
          Terry never gave up. Her wasn't as quitter. The only thing that forced him to give up his running
          was a  return of his cancer.

          If  you want to understand why Canadians consider Terry to be one of the country's greatest
          heroes, go the following links:


1) You can listen to the Jan 17th ESL News  and read the script. Circle new words you do not know  and          shadow read after the speaker. He is not speaking too fast.
2)  Listen to the first 5 listenings in Randall's ESL Lab ( the link is on the side) Do not move on to               another dialogue until you have a 100 % score.

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