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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hello from Snowy Ontario

Hi class,                                    

As you can see,  the weather in Ontario is quite different than it is in British Columbia.  There is much more snow in Ontario and the weather is much colder. Right now, it is -35 C in the town where my mother lives. That is much, much colder than Vancouver. You must wear much warmer coats, boots, hats, gloves and scarves.

The sky is much bluer though here and we can see the sunshine almost every day. It reminds me very much of my childhood when we used to have such terrible snowstorms that we had to ski to school, or even better, the schools were closed.

The pictures below show the severe snowstorm Ontario had last week. Ontario is having a record snowfall this year, but B.C. is mainly having rain. I think snow looks better, but the people who live here are working very hard to reach their cars and to be able to drive in general. .

Still, all this snow has had a positive result too. A lot of different kinds of people are having fun playing in the snow, or snowmobiling, which is a very popular activity here. Ice fishing is another popular activity

My mother has begun to improve. She
 has "turned the corner" as the doctors' say.
She is going to live. All of my brothers and
sisters who have all been up here with me
felt much better after we heard this. Now,
some of us will stay for a little while to help
her get better. The others, who live in
Ontario,  will come back after my mother
goes home from the hospital.

     I hope you are enjoying your time with Nikki.

      If you look at the bottom of this post, you  will   see a will see a comment box.  I would really   appreciate getting a few comments from some of you, just to tell me how things are going.


In case, you are wondering, these are snowmobiles.
Racing trhese machines in the snow on lakes, mountains and through forests is very popular in the colder, snowy parts of Canada. 

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