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Friday, March 11, 2011

The eleventh hour ----weekend Notes

So..... This is the last week before exams. Here is an idiom that goes with this clock. We've reached the eleventh hour, which means this week is your laast chance to study before exams. If you have not worked much until now. Now is the time

There is a lot of homework this weekend, but you do NOT have to do  all of it.  Work on what you are weakest in.  

On the reading side, read the article on the Inuit. Then, choose from among the others. If your reading scores were below a pass, I would suggest reading more. If your are doing find, read for pleasure , if you have time.
1.  Handouts : the Inuit, two other handouts about rock music and jazz and blues. 

2.  Reading Power 1:Vocabulary: p.94-97 - Ex. 6-8.
                                 Comprehension p.190-     Ex. 7,8,9
                                 Thinking Skills"  P. 218-218-221 - ALL                 

Grammar:  You will have your last grammar test on Tuesday 
1. handouts on comparatives, adverbs and pronouns.
2. Textbook: pp178-179 . I have already given you this homework on pronouns, but some of you obviously did
     not do it, and need to very badly. p.120 -128. 

Correct and rewrite your paragraph on your memorable childhood experience. This will help you for your final writing exam.

Listening:  and Speaking  ( You will have your last listening test on Wednesday) 

Definitely go to the ESL News web site it is in the first list on the right hand side.  
I will send some specific information later. 
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