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Friday, March 4, 2011


Hi class, 

Sorry I didn't get to you earlier. As some of you know, I haven't been feeling well, so my energy levels are low. I have also been looking at a calendar. Starting on Monday, we will have one week and three days before the final exams start.

That means there is very little time left to teach important grammar points like
trhe  future, comparatives and superlatives, ,present perfect and other assorted
 points.  We still have some reading, listening, speakingf and writing points to cover. You  especially need to practrice speaking. 

All this means is you are going to have to
 hit the books" [ study much harder. }

Next week will be an action packed week. You will have three quizzes: a speaking, reading and listening . That means you are going to have to concentrate and work hard.

I strongly suggest that you do your grammar homework because I only plan to spend two days on the future tense. If you have not already done some homework, you will be lost. 

Speaking Test/ based on retelling a story you have read:
  I also strongly suggest that you read the story I gave you. There  are  four groups : A, B, C, D. You all have different stories. First, each group will work together. Then, I will put each person into another group. This new group will have four different stories. You will then, each retell your story.   This is a speaking test./ no reading

So,..... on to the official homework: 

GRAMMAR: FUTURE TENSE ( present continuous, going to, will) 
  • All the handouts I gave you. I will provide answer keys for most. 
  • Basic Grammar In Use ( your textbook) Units 26,27,28,29 - Pages 52- 59)
  •  Read the story I gave you. Make sure you understand the vocabulary, and answer all the questions.
  • Text Book ( Reading Power 1)  pronoun reference practice p.   and Thinking skills from pages 212 to 224
Finish the vocabulary in context exercise I gave you last weekend. The words are in big paragraphs. 

If you have not finished correcting and writing a second draft of old compositions, do that this weekend. 


I will send some suggestions in my next post. 

I will also send a calendar for the month of March, including exam dates etc.


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