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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Go Canucks Go 

So the Canucks won their game last night against the Predators. Finally, this will give them a little of the rest they deserve before going on to the next round in the playoffs in the Stanley Cup. 
One thing I have noticed is that there is nothing like a sport like hockey or soccer to draw people together - white black, brown, red, yellow, purple, Asian., African, East Indian,  European /....whatever as the teenagers say. I have seen  more of an outburst of sheer Canadian patriotism  these past few weeks than I have since the Olympics. The Olympics were the actual highlight of how this new Canadian patriotism expressed itself spontaneously with joy and passion. Suddenly for a magical two weeks it didn't matter who you were? immigrant? long time Canadian? Everyone was a proud patriot, wearing the colours, the sweatshirts, hats, mitts and cheering as loudly as they could for Canada. These same people, who would ordinarily never lower themselves to speak to this batch of "newcomers" were suddenly having great conversations and getting to know each other because they had one thing in common. They all loved this country of their and they wanted it to win the Olympics. The same thing is happening in Vancouver with the Canucks. You can see it on the hockey jerseys worn by people of all colours. You can see it by the Canuck flags on the cars, and you can see it in first topic of conversation at work. Yay the Canucks won. Boo the Canucks lost. Even as an ESL teacher, I am proud that so many of my students, some of whom have been in Canada for less than a year have caught 
Canuck fever.. 
So Go Canucks Go! I hope you make it to the very end,. not just for the cup, but to keep all of Vancouverites - immigrants and citizens cheering for their team. 

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