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Friday, May 27, 2011

A Reality Call

Hi guys, your homework has been posted in the Homework pages.

I just want to remind all of you that we now have three weeks until final exams. That is very little time in which to accomplish what you need to as a class to in order to pass this course. The fact that only the most motivated of you have actually been doling homework plays a huge role in this issue. Faceit ladies and gentlemen. All actions have consequences. As some of you kmow, but don't seem tlo believe, whether you pass or fail does not de;pend lon how well you do on the final. One half of your mark is based on your term work. Yes, I know that in many of your coutnries this was not the case, but you are in a new country now, and you have to play by our rules. That means that term work actually matters -as does motivation, obviously.

I have added several new links to the grammar section; Just look at the top and will be adding more complext material practice such as vadverb clausesa, adjective clauses etc.

However, I will also be putting in a number of lower end verb tense practices for those of you who are still struggling not only with verb tense, but with verb form, so we;ll practice some lof that as well as a few surprises. The kind of proofreading, editing exercise we were doing on Thursday, is probably one of the berst ways you an improve your proffreading and error correcting .

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