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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Free Speed Reading Practice

Many of you have trouble reading as quickly as you need to in order to succeed in school or other areas of your life. There is a wide variety of reasons for this. You're reading one word at a time. You are sub-vocalizing when you are reading. You go back and reread material you have already read. You stop whenever you don't understand a word etc. etc. etc.

I will discuss bad reading habits and ways to improve your reading in a later blog.

All I want to do here is to let you know that while browsing on the net, I accidentally found a type of flash reader that can help you practice speeding up your reading. The best thing about this flash reader is that is is free. .

Now, this flash reader will not provide you with the readings, nor will it time you. It will,.
however, help you to get rid of some of your bad habits and it will help you to read more quickly by preventing you from using some of those bad habits.

Here's a short summary on how it works:

You cut and paste your own passage into the front page of the reader.
You then go to the top and adjust for how many words you want to read at a time. For example. try four words. The reader will then flash on the fist four words, and second later it will continue flashing the second group of four until you have read the entire passage.

You can adjust for the size of the letters as well.

What you can't do is go back, or fixate ( stay on one word) because the reader keeps moving.

Try it out. If you like it, keep using it. Simply click on the link.

Flash Reader

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