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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Your Assignment: Writing a Comment

Dear students, 

Please read one of the posts and respond with a comment. Your comment should be an opinion abourt the contents of that particular posting. Your comment should be at least five sentences long and should include reasons for your opinion. 

  • This is a real assignment designed to see if you can respond to writing in the real world. It will count for marks on  your report card.
  • If you do not do it, I will give you an automatic zero. You have been warned. 
  • Make sure you spellcheck your comments.  To do this go to the ABC icon at the top of the page and click on it. It will highlight all your spelling mistakes in yellow. If you right click, you will get suggestions about how to spell the word properly. 
  • To write your comment, click on the word comment below. A box will open. You can write your comment there. At the bottom where is says Comment as, go the icon where it says NAME/URL. Click on that. You do not need a URL, Just type in your name.


  1. Fist of all, thank you Michelle to inform me with this demonstration which happened all around the world. Honestly I am not a political person.

    Actually right now, all countries around the world facing with economic problem which is a serious trouble for people and caused most of their difficulty situations.
    In my opinion,the occupy wall street message could relevance to every countries (not just Canada)and it would works like a spark for many people to wake up and fight for their rights.
    These days the most problem for almost every one is "Job"; with increasing the population more and more every day, it is going to be more difficult foe every one to find a job.
    If each person has a job that they can earn money with it, automatically most of government problems will solve and protesters will stop.
    About Canadian issues, as I understand while I have lived in Vancouver, HST , PST and tax is the most problem for Canadians; maybe (if they want to protest with something,) it should be their focus for protesting.

  2. The conversation between those two people is implying an obscure paradox that whether telling the truth is best thing when someone close to us asks for our opinion. Some take it as granted that throwing out whatever they have in mind about the situation is the best thing they can do for their friends in which it could apply to most of us. On one hand, that's normally could achieve the effect that those opinions are affecting the way individual deal with affairs and really made them burst the bubble of life, on the other hand we have to question about if the person who are confronting the trouble are ready for the so-called truth. I think it depends on how much a person could take on in a face of trouble. That is the key of whether we should being honest to the people who turn to you

  3. In terms of understanding of arts, people’s appreciation of arts could be totally different according to their culture and knowledge of art. Different individuals could have diverse opinions for same piece of art. Some may be compliments; however, most of them may be very aggressive insult not only toward to the arts itself, but also toward to the artists. Artists must to allow spectators illustrate their opinion honestly and clearly, not hypocritically or ambiguously. On the other hand, artists should prepare for facing such comments that they really dislike, but in some way, it is helpful. As all the honest opinions are the real thinking of those people who are brave to express their opinions even though they knew that the artist may not like to hear.

    S. L.

  4. Hi Michelle, thank you for giving us the very good english learning materials...
    For this picture, I think that this is real a dilemma question. When your friend asks for some advices from you,do you tell a truth or a lie? Telling a truth might embarrass your friends, even it might end a good friendship; however, telling a lie might make your friend happy and keep this friendship, you could feel guilty.

    On the other hand, if this is a real friendship between you both, it is important that help your friend honestly and loyally because your advices mean that give your friend a correct direction, positive attitude to life.

    And as a friend asking for some advices, you should know that some advices might be embarrassed, but it could bring real benefit for your life. You should thank your friend for these good suggestions.

    Rickey Xiao

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