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Monday, December 26, 2011

A Popular Vancouver Christmas Tradition: The Van Dusen Garden Festival of Lights

                                             Photo Source: Rik Morel via Flickr.
 If you live in Vancouver make sure you spend an evening at the VanDusen Botanical Garden during their annual Christmas light display. Known as the Festival of Lights, is a well loved Vancouver tradition. An impressive display, it  has taken place as long as I have lived in Vancouver, and probably even longer. It is one of the most popular Christmas events in the Lower Mainland. If you live in Vancouver, you will not regret. 

Attend with your family and friends, but make sure you dress warmly as it will be cold, and you will want to spend time strolling through a magical fairy land designed to please every age group. You can visit with Santa Claus, listen to a variety of choirs and carollers, watch the Dancing Lights on Livingstone Lake, and much on treats such as roast chestnuts, or drink hot apple cider. Remember to bring your camera since you will definitely want to take pictures. The Festival of Lights is open from 4:30pm until 9pm every day, except Christmas Day, until January 2nd. 

Here are a few photos my daughter took during her recent visit to the  garden light show.



  1. Yes, definitely a beautiful sight. I've seen it several times. Marg

  2. Amazing,informative,colorful,very useful for students.I really like it.

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