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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Choosing Baby's Gender

Dear readers, 
I've been so busy lately that I've taken a little break from posting; however I will be back soon, probably within the next week. If there is anything you would like me to write about or discuss, please let me know in the comment box, or email me. 

Choosing Baby's Gender? 

In the meantime, here is writing question to give you a chance to practice expressing and supporting an opinion with valid, logical reasons.

In 2004 Canada prohibited  medical methods that would allow parents to choose their baby's sex. However, the United States has clinics that make it possible for families select the gender of their child. As a result, many Canadians  are traveling to the United States to make sure their baby is a boy OR a girl.

Countries such as China, South Korea and India have  practiced sex section for some time; however  according to an analysis in the CMAJ  Canadian Medical Association Journal  in the next 20 years, there will be 10% to 20% more young men than women in large parts of China and India because of sex selection. According to the study, this surplus of boys will have serious effects social effects


Do you think parents should have the right to choose whether their baby will be a boy or a girl, and to get rid of the baby if they find out they are having a girl?  Explain your reasons.

Write your opinion in the comment box below.


  1. Parents should be happy for what will be the gender of their child. Children are gift from God. We can not choose which gift we would like to have.

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  3. people likes predication in various way, even about thier future babies.
    I belive it is usual that every body eager to knows what is going to be happen one step behind.prviding that, it must not be ilegally.Eventhoug it dosn't matter for most people that what is the gender of thier babies, they are intrested in to try. However, it is not good to make deciation to change the generation because it is again of human right and equl vesion.

  4. I don't think parents have the rights to choose their baby's gender.The reason why I think is that natural balance is going to be broken,and this can be cause social problems.
    According to a social trend, some countries preferred to have a son to have a girl during our ancestor's period.However,at that time, they didn't know how to figure out baby's gender.Therefore , the ratio between man and woman had been well balanced.On the other hand, these days,people can easily recognize baby's gender after a medical assessment.They even killed their fetus by their gender preference.It can cause serious gender imbalance.There's a saying that lots of adult men cannot find out their spouse .some countries have some private institutions to introduce foreign countries' women to old aged men.It can be resulted in another social problems like disturbing human rights,increasing criminal rates,and conflictions between different cultures.

  5. Thank you for your comments so far. Leo, I understand what you mean, but would appreciate if you elaborated a bit.
    Hadi, I think you are missing the point. I was not writing about whether or not people have the right to find out the sex of their child, but rather whether they have the right to decide on the sex. This means that they could either have a specific gender (i.e) a boy implanted through artificial insemination, or have an abortion if they discover they are having a girl.
    Unknown, you make some very good points. Countries such as India, China and Korea currently have a shortage of males of marriageable age. This is a shame. By the way, are you a member of my class, or someone else? To find out exactly how to leave your name read the post on how to leave a comment. Just click on the post on the left hand side.

    1. In addition, I am not in favor of killing an innocent life. I agree to Canada's decision not to allow parents to choose gender for their baby. Parents should always realize the importance of life and the rights of individual to live. Thanks Michelle :)


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