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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

If You don't suceed, Try, Try Again

Many of us have heard this expression so many times that we don't really believe it anymore. But what would happen if we actually did try again each time we failed?  

Would we really improve? Would we learn more than we expected to? Could we accomplish some of the great things we have dreamed about, but never achieved because we gave up too quickly?

Sometimes it takes a child to teach us how being passionate and highly motivated can make us develop the kind of perseverance and  stick-to-itiveness, we need in order to succeed at anything important - even though we know we will fail many times along the way.  

The important thing is that you must be passionate about whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. With passion, there are NO failures - only learning experiences that can help us improve and modify our approach, strategies or plans. strategy or plans. 

For a good look at someone who succeeds at a very difficult task precisely because he is so motivated and passionate that he knows he will succeed - not the first time, but eventually. 

It is that attitude that  makes him mature beyond his age, and an inspiration to all of us who want to give up when things get difficult.  

I hope you come away from it feeling that if  "seven- year old Audri  can do what he did, YOU TOO can also accomplish something you find difficult: - learning and most importantly improving your English.

All you need is to be motivated, passionate and perseverant , and as seven year old Audi says, " if you don't succeed, try, try again."


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