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Monday, January 14, 2013

What is She Like? Personality Vocabulary

One way to help yourself learn, study, remember and even  spell and pronounce new words is with  a program called Quizlet. 
 Quizlet allows you to make  flashcards, in the same way as you would make flashcards of your own. 

It then allows you to learn the new words, along with their meanings. You can then test yourself and even play games to help yourself remember. 

 Hear and learn to spell the words

Two of the best features of the program is that it allows you to hear the pronunciation of the new word, the definition and even an example sentence. As well,  it teaches you how to spell the word by dictating it to you so that you can practice spelling it yourself. 

Today, I am featuring Part 1 of a vocabulary list on personality words.

Before you study them, make sure you understand the difference between several expressions with the word: like. 

Does Like vs Is Like  

What  does he like? = What kind of thing does he like? This depends on the context of the conversation. If you are talking about television, it means what program does he/she like? It your are talking about food, it refers to the type of food the person likes. If you are talking about sports, it refers to the kind of sport the person likes. 

What does she like to do? = activity 
 What are this person's interests?  Does he/she like or enjoy sports, reading books, going for walks, cooking? How does she enjoy spending her spare time?  

What does he/she look like? =  physical appearance
Is the person, short, tall, slender, chubby? Does he/she have blond, black, brown hair etc? 

What IS he/she like?  character or personality 
When we ask what a person IS  like, we want to know if the person is thoughtful, dependable, outgoingreserved, friendly, or sociable?  

These words and examples that show a person has this personality trait will let us know if we will enjoy spending time with this person or not. 

For the complete set of activities, go to Quizlet: Personality Vocabulary

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