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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Canadian Dance Moves: Ask a Canadian

article from Huffington Post 

Brazilians have samba. Americans do the disco. But is there a dance that is truly Canadian?
Well, Liam Kearney and Stina Diƶs may have invented a dozen. Borrowing the  music from Juliav Bentley and Andrew Gunadie's You Tube video "Canadian Please,"  the pair have created a video called Canadian Dance Moves. 

A charming  homage v homage to Canada's wholesome personality Canadian Dance Moves features dance moves called the Lumberjack, the Friendly Backpacker, and even one called Carry the Two Four, which has a special meaning in Ontario and Quebec where a majority of people buy their beer in cases of 24 rather than in six or12 packs as they do in the west.

click on the link below for the quiz  

The dances are easy to do on the dance floor -- or on the Grouse Grind in North Vancouver, on the frozen  Rideau Canada in  Ottawa, or maybe backpacking in Italy - wherever the mood to dance "Canadian"  strikes. 

Liam Kearney, a digital production co-ordinator, his girlfriend Stina Dios, and Jeff Higgins created the video in Toronto over a few days. Kearney says the biggest expense was a pair of $25 red pants.

He says they created the video just for fun. In an interview with the Ryersonian, Kearny said initially they had been thin king of doing a parody of the viral video Gangnam Style from Korean pop sensation Psy, but decided against it because it didn't feel right.

"Why jump on this bandwagon when we can pick something totally new, " Dios said. 


In Class: 
1. Watch the video without  sound. Write as many of the "dance moves"  as you can.
2. Watch the video with sound. Do the song cloze activity for Canadian Please 
3. With your group discuss what aspect of Canada or Canadians each of the " dance moves" refer to. 

1.  Turn the list of "dance moves" into a survey. 
2. Go out and ask as many Canadians as you can what each of the "dance moves" refers to.
3. Report the answers back to your group.
4. Create your own list of dance moves for important cultural and humourous aspects
of your own cultural and country of origin.
5. Perform them for the class and be prepared to explain what they mean. 

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