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Sunday, December 13, 2015

ESL Christmas Vocabulary and Reading Activities

Understanding some of the most common vocabulary will help you enjoy the Christmas carols you listen to and sing along to during the holidays.

Here are a few vocabulary flashcards, quizzes, games and activities to help you learn and remember some of the important Christmas words you should know. 

This first item is actually a reading, but it is an interesting one that I hope you will enjoy. 

Mistletoe, the kiss of Christmas"It;s a vintage year for the legendary mistletoe berries." In Britain's mistletoe-growing regions, a branch would be brought in to protect the house.any woman walking underneath could not refuse to be kissed, or she would remain an old maid." (telegraph.co.uk) continue reading

Advent Calendars 

Advent Calendar ( Interactive)  with questions about Christmas from around the world (\Project Britain./com)

December Advent Calendar  with pictures and poems
 ( Smile- a-day.com)

Easy Vocabulary Quizzes 

Christmas vocabulary  (learningchocolate.com)

More Difficult Vocabulary and Quizzes 

( by learningenglishwithmichelle)


Christmas and New Year's Vocabulary Vocabulary ( BBC) A  lot of Christmas vocabulary can be used with or without the word ‘Christmas’ in front of it. For example we can talk about ‘Christmas crackers’ or just ‘crackers’:   lot of Christmas vocabulary can be used with or without the word ‘Christmas’ in front of it. For example we can talk about ‘Christmas crackers’ or just ‘crackers’: 
- with a QUIZ

Christmas Expressions 
 Christmas Crossword #1 
"Click here to download a PDF version with solution, and here for an interactive web version which should work on smartphones and tablets. Have fun!"(englishblog.com)

A Christmas Crossword interactive or printable (englishblog.com)
Christmas hangman - "Explore the picture and play the hangman game..."Created by Renée Maufroid. (Ac. Lille)
Presents for Xmas (and the rest of the year!)

Matching - Flashcards (Java / non-Java) - Concentration - Word Search- with a list of terms used in these activities (with pictures)Activities created by: Renée Maufroid

    Holidays from Different  Cultures  at Christmas Time 

    Christmas Around the World (New)
    Christmas in Italy                            Christmas in Ireland
    Christmas in Japan                         Mexican Christmas  
    Christmas in  Netherlands             Christmas in Poland                     
    Christmas in Russia                     Christmas ion Scotland
    Christrmas in Spain                      Christmas in Sweden 

    Christmas in Ukraine                   Christmas in the U.S.

    Christmas in the U.K.                   Christmas in Wales

    Christmas Short Stories  New
    Story Nory is a website where actors read famous stories and myths  You can rerad and listen to the story at the same time or download the story to listen to as an mp3 file. 

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