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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cherry Blossoms, Homework and Useful Links for the Weekend

 Dear Students, 
 Don't we live in a gorgeous city!!  This could be the view right outside my bedroom window! 

It's cherry blossom time in Vancouver. This is a short, but beautiful event. Vancouver now has a cherry blossom festival web site and map which gives locations of all the best cherry blossom viewing areas in the city. Cherry Blossom Festival Map

As you know next week is a short week. We will not have as much time to study the things we need to.It is therefore necessary, that you do  all of your homework. 

  • Keep reading your novel: 30 minutes a day. I hope you are keeping track of new vocabulary. 
  •  Read the hand out Scott' s Expedition to the South Pole.Answer all the questions.
  • Read pages Pages xx abd   in More English Reading Practice 
  • Go to the Reading For Understanding Site   RFU 2 ( It is in the reading links), but I will   
      include it  here, once.You will notice that there are three versions of each number (A, B,C).
        That means that there are ctually 300 practices. Start at the number I told you to and do at
        least five exercises. Work as quickly as you can. Follow the instructions on the site 
        regarding yStudents who did not take the assessment test,our scores.  Print out a      
       score sheet.I will give you a separate one in class on Tuesday.  should simply start at # 
       #  30.   If you  make more  than 2  mistakes, go to a lower number. 

  • Go to the Frankfurt Reading Exercises link ( also in the Reading links) and do Exercise 1 . Fill in the gap. This is good for prediction and vocabulary practice.


You will have a vocabulary test on Wednesday. All of the words you should know are on a previous post, and on my Moodle page in the Upper Intermediate section 

  •  Do the verb review handout on the present tenses.  Also review past tense.  Do verb exercises in your green grammar book that deal with present, present  continuous, simple past, present perfect and present perfect continuous. You have an  answer key. 
  • If you want more practice with verbs go to some of the websites in the links page that have  verb tense practice.

  • Do the exercises on compound sentences using both and,  but, so conjunctions and, the  adverbial  conjunctions: however, therefore, in addition etc. 

  • Try to do the practices on Run On Sentences using the coordinators ( joining words) as  ways to repair the problem.

1.      Rewrite your paragraph on Reasons My Sister Stays Fit
2.     Write your Partner Paragraph  if you have not done so already. 
I apologize to those of you who have already handed this in. I corrected them a week ago, but forgot to put them back in your folders. They stayed in mine. I'll give them back to you on Tuesday. 

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