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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weekend homework

Dear class, 

Here is your homework for the weekend. I will include all the vocabulary words from last week and this weekend in a separate posting. They will also be available on my ADVANCED  MOODLE site. Since you have already registered, you should have no problem getting in to the site. 

By the way, I have now discovered the problem on the Upper Intermediate site, but I can't register you until I have either your birth date, or your password. 

 Reading:         Handout   Changes in the Family
                            More Reading Power Textbook: --p. 166-167
                            Novel – 30 minutes/day as usual
 Vocabulary:    Handout – Vocabulary Power 2

 Grammar:    1.            Word Order handout
                        2.         Study irregular past Tense list – you will have a test next week. 
3.         Mixing grammar and vocabulary: Write 15-20 sentences with vocabulary from last week and this weekend. You can choose your own words. Do not copy sentences. Write your own. (There is a list in a separate document) .
Use the following verb tenses at least once. Simple present, present continuous, simple past, past continuous, present perfect, present perfect continuous.
Writing:          1.     Perfect Sentences: para 18,19,20 – Answer the questions exactly the way         you saw in the example. Turn each shortened version into a paragraph.
                         2.  Correct and rewrite partner interviews – type your rewrite. and email it to me
                              at  atomick1@gmail.com

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