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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Practicing Grammar and Vocabulary in Sentences

Here are 50 words that we are studying. Write sentences with at least 15 of them. Try writing more sentences, just to practice.  Use some of the verb tenses I indicated: simple present, 
present continuous, simple past, past continuous, present perfect, present perfect continuous. 

If you are having problems, answer some of the sentences below, using exactly the same tense and part of the sentence itself in your answer. Don't make the sentences too long. What you are aiming at is perfect sentences with a variety of verb tenses and vocabulary 
Make sure you use the actual word in the sentence, even if you are answering one of  the questions below.

Here are the 50 words 

Vocabulary Power 2: Chapter 3 Handout
1.         Accurate, accuracy                                                    26.   opportunity
2.         Classic                                                                     27.    tremendous, tremendously
3.         Critic/critical/ or criticism                                           28.    stabilize, stable. unstable,
4.         Encourage, encouragement, (be)                                29.     household
5.         encouraged, encouraging                                           30.     remain
5.         Exhibit (as a noun or a verb)
 6.         Firm, firmly                                             Vocabulary from Living to an Old Age        
7.         Label, to label                                                           31.   to enable
8.         Prejudice or (be) prejudiced                                        32.   diagnose, diagnosis, diagnostic
9.         Proceed                                                                   33.   forgiveness, forgive, forgivable 
10.       Tempt or tempting                                                     34.   inheritance,  inherit
                                                                                           35.  urban, urbanize
Changes in the Family                                                        36.  industry, industrialization,   
11.       Consists of                                                                    industrialize, industrial, industrious
12.       Grow up. (be) grown up)                                              37.  survivor, survive, survival 
13.       Blended family                                                           38..  intention, intend, intentional  
14.       Extended family                                                         39. a  reward, to reward, rewarding
15.       Relatives                                                                    40.   remarkable, remarkably
16.       Task                                                                           41.  contribution, contribute,contributing
17.       Socialize, society, social or socially                              42. moderate, moderately
18.       Majority                                                                      43. environment, environmental  
19.       Afford or affordable                                                       44. foreign 
20.        (un)controllable                                                           45. estimate, estimated 
21.       Separate, separable                                                    45. pressure,pressuring
22.       Limit, limited, or unlimited                                           46. factor
23.       Depend, dependence, dependable,                              48. genetic 
             dependably                                                              49. isolation, isolate, (be) isolated 
24.       Finance, financial, financially                                                                     
25.     Emphasis, emphasize



1.         How much prejudice  have you seen  or experienced in Vancouver since you moved here?  Give one example.

2.         What do you usually do when someone says  something about you that is not  

3.         When a teacher is trying to help you improve, should he or she be firm, or gentle

4.         When was the last time someone criticized you for something? What was it for?

5.         What are the washing instructions on the label of the shirt or pants you are  wearing

6.         Are you cooking a classic  meal from your native     
              country tonight? What is it?
7.         Did you parents encourage you to read or   
           improve  your skills when you were a child? 
             How  did they encourage you?

8.         Is your former country making any changes to the driving
                                                                 process  involved in getting a driver's license?
9.         Is there anything trying to tempt you away from studying or doing your homework this
            weekend?  What is it?

10.       When is the last time you went to an art exhibit in Vancouver , or your own country? 
 What   was showing?  What did you  think?

11.        Do you think children have been growing up too quickly recently? Why? 

13.       Do you think the government should build more affordable housing in Vancouver? Why?

14.       How long should children depend on their families financially? Why?

15.       What should I be emphasizing in this class?  Why?

16..      What factors contribute to an unstable marriage or family?  

17.       What kind of household tasks did you have to do when you were a child?  Are your
             children doing the same kind of  tasks as you did?

18.       If you had an unlimited amount of money to spend , what would you buy?                                 
19.       Blended families have become very common in Canada. Are they becoming more   
            common in  your native countries?

20.       Do you think teenagers often feel isolated from their parents? Why?

21.       What are the most useful methods students can use to enable them to improve their     
            vocabulary and remember it? List as many as you can?

22.      What is the most remarkable thing you have observed or heard about in your life?

23.      Have you ever been diagnosed  with a serious disease?

24.      How much pressure do parents in your culture put on children?  Why?

25.     What kind of  living environment   is the most suitable for raising a family? Explain.

26.      Have your ever  survived something terrible? Explain.    

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