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Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Top 5 Events of 2011

Happy New Year!

Now that 2012 has arrived, I  would like to reflect and celebrate some of my favourite events from 2011 before I move on discussing anything about 2012. Like everyone in the world, I too had some not so great experiences in 2011, but I prefer to focus on some the positive ones.  

My five greatest hits of 2011

1.   Celebrating my mother's 80th 
      birthday at a cottage in Ontario with all
      my brothers and sisters and their
      children. I have five brothers and
      sisters, all of whom live in different
      parts of Canada and the United States.
     It is difficult to get us all together for
     any occasion.  We were lucky enough 
     to be able to go go tubing, swimming,
     hiking, boating and simply sit around
     eating, drinking and telling stories -
     something we had not done for a while.
2.   Starting this blog ,which has been more fun that I ever dreamed, and which has also
      helped  many of my students as well as other English language learners around the
      world. I originally designed this blog for a class I was teaching in January 2011, but
      it has become much broader. This year I want to include more of my own materials,
      including listening activities, quizzes and podcasts. I also want to include job-related
      information for Canadian immigrants who are also learning and improving their English.

 3.  Going on a a wonderful vacation to
      Maui in Hawaii, where I continued to
      perfect my boogie board technique, did
      some snorkeling and read a ton of
      books.  If you need to get away from
      winter, I strongly recommend it as a
      place for a break from the stresses in
      your life.

4.  Attending the Salmon Arm Roots     and Blues Festival for the first time. Not only did I get to see and listen to some wonderful blues players, but I also got to see them from up close because I was in wheelchair due  to my shattered knee. If you are a fan of the blues, this is the festival you should attend. It takes place every year in August. You can even camp there.

5.   Working in my garden - one of my favourite places in the world, a place  that has offered me refuge from the noisy, busy world for the past 25 years.  This summer I was able to spend a lot of time there with life-long friends from Nevada, California and Ottawa whom I had not seen for a while.

What were YOUR favourite events of 2011?  Write a comment and let me know what positive experiences you had  last year.

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