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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Need Any Tips on Work Etiquette?

Many of you who live in Canada or the United States have jobs where you speak English. Some of you are perfectly comfortable in all aspects of your job. Others, however, often wonder how you should behave in a variety of situations.For example, students have often asked me how they should act around the senior manager, how much they should speak at a meeting, or how to start an email to a co-worker. Workplace etiquette  varies in different cultures, even different companies. In fact, acceptable behaviour in one culture may be seen as extremely rude in another. For example, in some countries, it is common for people to touch your shoulder or even put their arm around you at work in a simple gesture of friendliness. Here in Canada, that kind of behaviour would be unacceptable. If you are looking for some general information on how to behave in a wide variety of situations at work, try the following website. The entire site is devoted to providing you with the kind of information that may get you out very uncomfortable situations. Who knows? You might even get a promotion
So,, here are the people from WorkEtiquette.co.uk  to tell you how their site can help you. 
Whether we like it or not, most of us have to work to earn a living. The workplace is a   microcosm of life, with friends, relationships and arguments just like in real life! In order to help you find a clear, happy path through the workplace and aim to feel fulfilled and challenged by your job, Work Etiquette has been written to address the complex issues that are part and parcel of working life.
With topics for employees, employers, colleagues and clients, Work Etiquette offers clear, detailed and accurate information that can be used for the common work place issues that can so often cause difficulty. The site contains carefully researched articles written by experts, covering topics such as internal and external email etiquette, eating at your desk and cultural considerations to bear in mind.
With a wealth of articles that provide an approachable, realistic understanding of the type of every day concerns we can experience in the office, Work Etiquette is an invaluable resource for those that are keen to adhere to the often unspoken rules that exist in every work place. All too often work place advice is geared towards the employer, or is unrealistic in terms of advice and behaviour.
We pride ourselves on making sure Work Etiquette is a helpful support to employees and employers looking to develop and maintain positive relationships both in the work place and with clients, taking into consideration every detail, from blue chip international business behaviour to office romances.


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