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Monday, February 6, 2012

How Say Something is Expensive


I don't think I'll be going to the movies as often as I used to.  The last time I went it cost me an arm and a leg. First the tickets cost $25. Then, I paid $6.49 cents for a SMALL popcorn and $4.50 for a small bottle of WATER. To top it off, the babysitter charged us $25 for two hours of babysitting.  

It costs an arm and a leg = when something costs a ridiculously high price.

Here are a few other ways to say that something is 

  • Don't you think that $25 an hour to cut my lawn is a bit steep?  
  • That chicken sandwich was delicious, but  at $12.00, it was  a bit pricey.         I don't think I'll come back here again. 
  • You actually bought a house in Vancouver!  It must have cost a small fortune. Houses  there are too expensive for most people. 
  • The prices they charge for a flight to Toronto are highway robbery. Did you know that you can fly to Hawaii for less? 
  •   Wow! Look at the size of the diamond on Jane's engagement ring. Her fiance must have paid through the nose for it.   
  •   One of the reasons NHL hockey tickets cost so much is because the teams have to  pay top dollar for their players. Some of them even have contracts for five or six million dollars. 
  • The price of gas these days is exorbitant. I'm going to start walking to work, or riding my bicycle. Why should I pay that much to help oil companies get rich. It's not fair.
  • Don't go to that store. The prices of everything are out of this world.       The cheapest blouse in the store costs over $400.
  •  My husband and I were thinking about going on a two week vacation to Mexico, but we changed our minds. That kind of trip would definitelyy break the bank.
  •  Going out to dinner at a good restaurant is expensive, but it won't break the bank
                  to break the bank = to cost all the money you have in the bank.
  •  Don't tell me you didn't ask for some kind of trade in price for your new car? Wow! That car dealer must have seen you coming. 
                   must have seen you coming suggests that the buyer was stupid to pay
                  such a high price for something.

Do  you know any more expressions that mean something is too expensive. Write and let me know.  

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