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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

ESL Love and other Valentines

Practice your English with some fun Valentine's Day activities.  I have included videos for you to watch and  listen to, quizzes, articles you can read and slide shows about love around the world. Take your pick

A short Love Story 

Love Stories and seven billion others 

Listening Quiz Video History of Valentine's Day Quiz 

History Channel Valentine's Day Page   ( includes several videos about The Science of love, How Chocolates are Made and many more)

Video Roxy the Lonely Penguin  : ( a cute story about a Penguin in the London  zoo that is getting thousands of Valentine's Day cards) 

Valentine's Day Listening Quizzes  from ELLO
Listening Quiz Video History of Valentine's Day Quiz                                                       Lover Ever After  is a is a slide show from TIME Magazine where couples who have been married fifty years share their secrets for making love last.

Visit Canada's Virtual Museum to watch  a Valentine's Day Exposition on love though the agesThe Science of Flirting :  a delightful reading on how flirt from the BBC) 
Read  Valentine's Day Around the World to find out how people celebrate Valentine's Day in different countries. 
Love Around the World   is a nice little slide show from MSSN about love around the world                                                                                                                                         Learn some  Valentine's Day vocabulary on You Tube   
Take a  Valentine's Day Quiz National Geographic 
Read How Valentine's Day Helps the Economy  

Spending By the Numbers 2012  

Send free Valentine's Day E cards  : The National Wildlife Federation has many free Valentine's Day E cards you can send.
Writers choose their favourite  Love Poems   an interactive activity in The Guardian 
Finally, here are a few love songs with listening activities that you can sing along to later.

Whitney Houston, a very famous singer who sang beautiful love songs and sold millions of records died a few days ago, so I will start with her.

Enjoy! .

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