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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Improve Your Vocabulary:Name that Thing

Have you ever wondered what everyday objects are called, but been too busy learning " academic" vocabulary? Here's a fun new word game I have recently discovered called "Name that Thing." The game, on the Merriam Webster dictionary  website,  is a visual vocabulary quiz of the names of everyday objects. Unlike most word games, it uses pictures to test your knowledge of words. If you have five or ten minutes to spare, it is a great study tool to help you  build your vocabulary by learning the names of everyday objects for kitchen tools such as a kitchen whisk, or common things you see on the street such as store awnings.  It will also help you feel much less frustrated when you want to refer to "that thing you turn eggs over with when you are frying them" by its correct name. By the way, that  thing is called a "spatula."  Click here for the website: Name That Thing .   
While you're there, why not try out a few other word games on the site such as : 
and at least a dozen more.  You can even create your own personal word list. 

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