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Monday, March 19, 2012

ESL Writing Topics:English for Everyone?

 The world map below displays nations that use English as an official language
or as the predominant language 

 Picture licensed by Wmitchell, in the Public Domain
  • Click on the map to enlarge it. Then, look at it carefully.
  • What do you notice?
  • Can you name any of the specific countries that use English as an official language? What are their names? 
  • Which part of the world are these countries located in?
  • Why do you think these areas and countries are those in which English is used as the official or the main language.  

Write about any or all of the following topics: 
Writing Fluency Journal Tips: 
Remember you are practicing and learning how to think and write in English,how to get over your fear of writing and how to look at a blank page on a writing test without immediately freezing up.
  • make sure you you keep writing. 
  • Don't go back and correct. 
  • Don't stop and think before every word or phrase. 
  • think in English
  • If you are having problems doing that, speak your words and sentences out loud. 
  • Keep your pencil moving forward at all times - even if you think you have nothing to say. 
Possible Topics: 
1.  What are the reasons these countries,
      or areas of the world use English as
      their official language? 

2   Should other countries in the world be
      using English as an official language?
       Why or why not? 

3.  Since English has become a global
     language of business, should every child   in  the world be be required to learn  English English starting at the age of five? Why or why not?

4.  Should English become the official language of every country in the world? Why or
       why not?

5.  Can you remember the first time you ever heard someone speak English? Describe
     that time. How did you feel? 

6.  Many of you had to learn some English when you were in school, but never really
     learned very much. How to you feel about that now. Do you regret not trying
     harder? Has it caused you problems?  Explain

7.  What cultural changes might occur if English became the official language in countries
     where the majority of speakers are not English?

8   Should there be a new English developed: a "world English" that had different
      grammar and spelling rules than the current specific English language does? Why or
      why not? Explain your reasons.

9.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of learning English well?

10.  Can you say you have truly learned English if you can only read and write in English,
       but barely speak it?

11  How well can you learn English if you never practice it outside of class? Explain.

12. Do you need to go to a foreign country in order to truly master the English language?

13  Can you learn English without ever taking formal English lessons in a classroom?

14  To what degree has the Internet provided opportunities for people from non-English
      speaking countries to learn improve their English.,

15  Can you truly learn English if you ONLY use online learning methods?

16.  How much English should immigrants know before they can be accepted to live in a
       new country? Explain. 

17.  Many children born in an Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom .the United States
       etc. do not learn one word of English until they start attending school. This then
      causes extra problems at school. Do you think this right, or do you think their parents
       should expose their children to English before the age of 5. Explain.  

18.  What English skill can you learn improve the most through online learning and

19. Which English skill is the most important one to learn: reading, writing, listening,
         speaking, or pronunciation?  Explain your reasons.

20.  Many people can live in an English speaking country, live next door to English
       speaking  neighbors for 25 years and never learn more than 200 words of English. 
       Explain the reasons for this and some of the consequences it can result in. 

Writing Topics Project: 

These writing topics are part of an ongoing project to come up with as many writing topics as possible for your writing journals, practice compositions or essays.

They could also be equally good conversation topics, especially if you use them as discussion questions before writing.

If you can think of more questions to add to this list, add your suggestions in the comment box at the bottom.

If you can think of general topics, you would like me to break down into more specific topics or questions, add your suggestions at the bottom in the comment box. 

As you know, I appreciate any and all feedback.

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