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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

ESL Listening A "Joyful" Irish Welcome

How would you feel if you were coming home for a visit and got the kind of welcome home reception you will see on the video below. 

Christmas  Day has come and gone. But, that doesn't mean we can't continue sharing the joy this holiday and many others bring - especially to those those who haven't seen each other in a long time.  

Joy to the World 

After  having been away from Ireland for many years. one lucky family returning home for Christmas received an extra special welcome, when a   flashmob  disguised as other passengers  and airport employees – burst into song as they arrived at the airport.

As the Munroes walked through the arrivals gate at Belfast City Airport, they were greeted by their family in Northern Ireland, as well as the Belfast Community Gospel Choir.

The singers, who were also disguised as baggage handlers and flight crew, sang Joy to the World, as the family was reunited. The whole stunt was captured on camera and posted on YouTube.

Northern Ireland Tourist Board Plays a Big Role 
 The Northern Ireland Tourist Board organized the entire joyful reunion.  Last month, the Board ran a competition offering families all over Ireland, a chance to fly distant loved ones home for Christmas. Roisin Munroe's family in County Down, entered a competition by writing 30 words on why they wanted her to fly home for Christmas. Their entry was picked as the winner, and Rosin and her two children flew back to Northern Ireland only to be greeted with a joyful and enthusiastic rendition of Joy to the World. "Overwhelmed" Roisin said she was "overwhelmed" and moved to tears by the flashmob's greeting at the Belfast City Airport. Roisin said she got to meet nieces and nephews she had never met in person before.  She is originally from Drumaness, outside Ballynahinch, but emigrated to the U.S. at the age of 18, leaving behind her parents, three brothers and seven sisters. She now lives and works in Ohio with her husband and children.  She said she hadn't been able to afford a trip home with her family for many years, and hasn't seen her parents in person for at least six years. You Can't Substitute the Hugs "You can talk on the phone. You can look at each other on Skype or whatever, but you just can't substitute the hugs," said Roisin. 


Listen to the song as many times as you need to. Then try to fill in the blanks Sing-along with the choir as many times as you can. It will help you to improve your pronunciation, phrasing and fluency.


The entire song : Joyful, Joyful


Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog


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