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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

ESL: How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Go to the 2013 
 How the Grinch Stole Christmas Part 1    for the complete animated story, comprehension questions, speaking activities and a better song gap fill. 

It is still the Christmas or "holiday: season. Many of you have time off from school , so this is a great time practice some  your listening with one of the most loved  Christmas stories of all time.  

If you plan to live in North America, or if you already live here, it is essential that you know about this  story by Dr. Seuss. The more you can casually mention about it, the more Canadian or American you will seem.

I have included the complete script of the animated story. Reading it out loud slowly and carefully with LOTS of expression would help your speaking and pronunciation. You might even want to speak along WITH the narrator of the animated story while copying his rhythm and intonation.

1.  Listen to the song without  looking at the gap fill. Try to write down all the negative
     words that describe Mr. Grinch. 

2.  Listen as many times as you need and fill in the gaps. 

3.  Sing-along . This is a great song to practice enunciating. Make sure you open your 
     mouth as wide as you can in order to let your tongue get to the right place. Sing as 
     slowly as the singer. 

   Speaking and Writing Questions: 

1. Dr. Seuss wrote How the Grinch Stole Christmas to [point out how the media and 
    marketing  have created a holiday focused on spending money to buy things.  

   Discuss how has the media changed holidays such as Christmas, New Years, Chinese 
   New Year, Valentine's Day, Mother;s Day etc.   and how they are celebrated. 

2. What role does Cindy Lou play in the story. What does she do to change the Grinch? 

3. The Grinch has a serious character flaw. He experiences a crisis and then changes for
     the better. Describe the Grinch's character flaw at the beginning of the story. What crisis 
     changes him? How did he change? 

4. What is the message of the story? 

5.  Would you write a different ending to the story? Explain why or why not. If yes, how 
     would you end it? 

6.   Do you know anyone who had some bad personality characteristics, but who  became a 
     better person after something happened to him or her. This could be you, or anyone 
     you know. Tell what happened, and why this person changed. 

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